Ladies, do you know that only 4% of all women in the world consider themselves beautiful and fully accept themselves as they are? It is only 4 women out of a hundred, 40 out of a thousand, 40 thousand out of a million…

If we take the Earth population as 7.5 billion and divide it by 2 we get 3.75 billion of women with only 150 million among them who love how they look. Well, it is equal to the population of a big country on the one side. On the other side, the rest people in the world, not lucky enough to live in that imaginary “country”, are not self-confident.

Isn’t that sad?

Isn’t that sad that only 4% of the women are confident in the way they look while the rest 96% struggle with self-acceptance? So many women of different age, race, weight, height, and color of eyes are too far from accepting themselves as they are!

I was overwhelmed with this statistics and shared it in my FB group. And I was really puzzled when one friend replied: “Yes, I struggle with [my self-confidence] all the time, but it is ok.”

Fine Art San DiegoNo, it is not ok!

Fair enough, some religions and totalitarian ideologies tried to persuade people that their life was nothing but suffering and struggle. It may have worked in the world with harsh life conditions and lack of freedom, where human life was underestimated or not estimated at all. This time has gone – at least for us here – as we are free, we can afford almost anything we want, and our life conditions are quite commendable. Most of us have fancy cars, nice houses with all modern facilities, and many other things that make us happy.

We appreciate all these assets: when the car breaks we hurry to fix it, when the rodents get to the attic we call for a specialist to deal with the problem. We do the same when the faucet leaks or the Internet slows down; we even eager to splurge $2,000 on a new lawn to make it look nicer… But when the confidence is broken we just let it go! This is the biggest mystery of the modern times I think.

I am not a psychologist to search for its roots and explain its origins. I believe that most of us were brought the way that we dedicate our time and spend our money on our families first and then on ourselves. No, I do not urge you to spend all your family savings on plastic surgeries or trendy outfits at once. Balance and harmony are the key to the happiness, an Oriental wise man said. So, let’s find such balance, ladiies.

Feeling that something is going wrong with their self-conference some women treat themselves with delicious foods and new dresses. Others add some adrenaline to their lives… And it is good! It means that they care about their broken confidence and try to restore it. Although there is no universal recipe how to do it, I offer you my way that combines both treats and adrenaline in one shot.

In a boudoir photo shoot.

My boudoir photography strategy helps discover and celebrate the beauty in any woman who struggles with a low self-esteem and is fed up with her own insecurities. I am on the mission to break the stereotypes impeding women from living the lives they deserve and to make them feel beautiful and adorable.

And… well, I have a dream. I am dreaming about boosting confidence in all that 96% of the women who struggle with self-acceptance. I wish I could do it worldwide… But if not, than in San Diego county to start with!

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