I am curious how other boudoir photographers will react to this post. Here we go.

Last time we talked briefly about make up for boudoir photography. As I said then much depends on the preferences and the moods of the client: some people like bold colors while others prefer to go au naturel.

This general rule is fair not only for boudoir photo make up, it could be extended to anything: color and style of lingerie, boudoir interior, hairstyles. Some women like to be photographed with their hair styled quite sophisticated, while others go easily with their most natural way of hairdo. Same is true about hair coloring… but here we face one interesting aspect.

When you are 20 you may have your hair au naturel or dye it fuchsia… But then it comes. You find a very first gray hair, and say ok, it is just one, two, three, ten, who cares? Then you notice a whole bunch of them. And you realize that you are not a natural blonde, black, or brown any more… Your natural color ceases to grayness. At this moment a controversy begins both in photography and in life: TO DYE OR NOT TO DYE IT?

Recently my friend has criticized me for not dying my gray hair roots. Her point was that being a boudoir photographer with a mission to find a beauty in every woman I have to look accordingly – groomed and neat, being a live picture of my photography business.

Ok, I said, first, what I am doing is a boudoir photography, not a glossy magazine photography. I am discovering natural beauty in my clients, not making them look beautiful according to some ambiguous standards. And second, – apart of a side effect of the chemicals in hair dye – is not silver hair in style nowadays?

NO, some of my Boudoir Photography FB group participants immediately responded as I asked their opinion on it.

“Gray hair doesn’t look good. It makes you look older,” one friend wrote, and was backed up by the other, “Gray hair is not for everyone! It looks like you are careless how you look.”

Others were less strict:

“I am 63 and choose to use healthy hair dye… Maybe when I’m 80 I’ll go gray, but I like [hair] contrast with my skin and [I do not like to look] washed out.”

“I cover my gray hair up because that makes me happy.”

Interestingly enough, some of my respondents suggested a compromise:

“[What if to] dye it silver so after the roots grow it will blend and you don’t have to do it again. But if you like it why should you listen to others’ criticism?”

Really, why? Most of this lovely discussion participants have agreed with this stance, some of them saying YES to grayness:

“If you feel comfortable with your hair graying then so be it. Society is so focused on what we should look like that we bend over backwards to make people happy… It shouldn’t be that way. I would not dye, but it is just me.”

Yes, ladies, it is just me – or you – who decides to stay silver or to dye your gray because “it is your choice and it is your body”. And here, in my mind, is the best advice given by one discussion participant, fair for both boudoir photography and everyday life:

“It is only up to you and no one else. I will accept the way you look with or without gray hair, because I already accepted who you are.”

This is it, my dear ladies. It is only up to you, to stay gray or to dye it. To color your hair blonde or black, orange or turquoise… Those who have accepted you as you are and respect you for that will accept this as well. So, have fun with your hair journey and remember that the first step in it is accepting yourself with all your dreams, desires, tastes and preferences.

Actually, you may consider all the above our joint hairstyle guide for the best boudoir photo shoot ever.

Photographically yours,


P.S. You know I care about what you think, so as always you are welcome to share your thoughts in comments below.


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Boudoir Client

So, yesterday I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and did something I never thought I would do; a Boudoir Shoot with Anastasia Mac Photography. February is our 16th wedding anniversary and I thought it would be a fun gift for my husband.

Honestly I was nervous all week thinking about the shoot. Once I arrived Anastasia and Liz (Liz does your makeup and hair exactly how you like it) both made me feel comfortable and beautiful. Anastasia is amazing. She walks you through the entire process and thinks of every detail right down to your favorite music. All you have to do is look beautiful and feel like a Queen.

It was an empowering experience. I left her studio feeling completely different about myself. I felt Sassy!

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Boudoir Client, At Social Media

“Had the time of my life letting Anastasia MacGillivray make magic with my photoshoot! Thank you so much for pampering me and making this process so much fun!! You are amazing, Anastasia MacGillivray!! I cant believe that I had the problem of TOO MANY great photos to choose from! a true master of your craft. Anastasia MacGillivray was the magician behind the camera who captured how I feel inside. What a talent she is!! XOXO”


Lifestyle Photography client, Sherri Starr Welness

Boudoir Photography San Diego

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