Do I Have the Right Body?

Last week we had a good discussion on the nudity in photo art in my FB group and here. I really appreciate your comments. And here is the one that grabbed my attention and made me write this post:

“I truly don’t see anything wrong with the pictures you have posted! Some people are prudes. If I had the right body for it I would do it, but some people judge way too much. Keep going with your passion of photography and don’t worry about the haters”.

I am very pleased to read such a generous assessment of my work and truly appreciate it. It inspires me to continue what I am doing without any reservations. At the same time, here is something that I want to talk about: the right body.

Frankly, it is not the first time I encounter such self-assessment. To pose nude may be too much for some people and I am very far from forcing anyone to get rid of clothes and experiment with their nude photos right now. It is good if you feel that you are ready for it, but it is only up to you to decide whether and when. But I am talking about boudoir pictures. I asked my FB group members what prevents them from booking a boudoir photo shoot with me. The most popular answers were: “I have to loose weight for it”, “I do not know how to look sexy”, or “I’ll never look as good as the others on such photos”.

Boudoir Photography San DiegoIn other words, these answers meant to say: my body is not good enough for it! For some reason many women think they don’t have the right body. Come on, who is that powerful one who sets a standard on a perfect body shape?

A fashion? It changes fast, you know. Merilyn Monroe type was in high demand in the 50s, but very fast it was replaced with skinny long-legged Twiggy. Nowadays, it is not even that straightforward. The biggest fashion brands along with traditional 6 ft 120 lb models hire Plus size women to demonstrate haute couture clotheslines.

A public opinion? Well, it changes even faster that the fashion. Like the fashion it is also very much about the diversity now. And why should you care and try to transform your body according to the standards set by this or that fashion designer, columnist, or TV anchor? They come and go and you stay with your body for all your life.

Boudoir Photography San DiegoWhat else? An art? Hm, contemporary art would hardly set up any beauty standard. As to the classical one: look carefully at all these ancient goddesses and women courageous enough to be painted nude by the great artists of their epoch. Actually they look more human than that glossy magazine “perfect” cover girls. You know what I mean, yeah?

Clearly, I am not calling you, ladies, to neglect any exercise, eat junk food, and ruin your health. People are born different: some are slender, some are heavy, some are tall and some are short. I strongly believe that there are no right or wrong bodies. Every woman’s body, your body, is beautiful, so you should enjoy every single curve of it! You may loose or gain weight, you may get a plastic surgery or go to a gym to shape your muscles, finally you may stay as you are. It is your choice, your right, and your nature. Enjoy it!

There is no such thing as a perfect body, everything depends on what angle you see the things. Yes, you may be negligent to your body, you may despise and condemn it but at the end of the day it is a no win game. You will stay unhappy and your state of mind will increase this unhappiness even more. On the other hand, you may accept yourself as you are and continue working on your body (or not!). And you will see in a while what a difference this positive attitude makes.

Love yourself, my dear ladies, and your bodies will respond with love!

Photographically yours,



Boudoir Photography San Diego

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