Before I go any further, watch this 1 minute raw video from my most recent reveal session with my lovely client, so you could decide right away if this experience is for you!






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You Will Feel Beautiful and Stop Counting Your Flaws or Criticizing Yourself: during your Boudoir experience you will forget about the flaws you believe you have. You will be blown away by your own beauty. You will leave our studio exuding a magnetic charisma of love and attraction and will drive your partner crazy with desire.


It’s the Perfect Way to Celebrate Your Femininity Shamelessly: When you do a boudoir session with me, you’ll get in touch with your femininity, embracing it and feeling amazing about it without any shame from the outside world or from yourself. 


It will turn you into a beautiful sexy goddess within an hour, and this feeling will stay with you forever.


It gives you the power you need to turn away from low self-esteem forever.


If you ever doubted yourself even for a second you know how defeating it is. It’s painful and it’s just wrong – it stops you from earning money, it stops you from being good enough, it blocks you from being successful and feeling love and giving love and being a good person to yourself…


Once you discover through this Boudacious experience how you can step away from self-hate you will be free of that forever.


And if you are looking a something special this holiday season – this is the perfect and a very special gift for someone special in your life or for yourself! 


  Do you want to spend the rest of your life doubting and second guessing yourself or do you want a chance to change the world?



Take a look at what’s included!


Black Friday Boudoir Special


1. A CUSTOM confidence boosting 1 HOUR PHOTO SESSION – $150 value

With the top boudoir photographer in San Diego county with over a decade experience specializing in women’s portraiture with 5 star reviews on Google and Yelp, designed just for you to ensure you enjoy a great quality professional service and trust my experience and expertise. So you have a fun and unforgettable, life changing, transformational, empowering experience that every woman should have at least once in a lifetime.


From the moment you step in our cozy all female studio, you will be welcomed, comforted, nurtured and pampered by me and my delicate and friendly stylist. And all your worries and insecurities will go away as we entertain you with a friendly chat, we will tune up your favorite music so you feel at ease and very comfortable while sitting in my stylist’s chair. And then I gently pose you in the most flattering way to ensure those perfect angles and body lines to create the perfect photograph that you would love. So you will be able not just accept, but embrace your body and celebrate your beauty.


After the session you will walk away feeling proud of yourself for doing something positive and empowering just for yourself. You will feel like a million bucks. You will feel like a supermodel. You will feel like a confident, strong, beautiful and sexy goddess. You will feel excited. You will start feeling good about yourself. You will fall in love with yourself again. Which is something you deserve anyway, right?


You will handle yourself differently, you’ll have better relationships with your significant other, with your children, you will feel happier.


You will feel wanted and drive your partner wild with desire.



Before your photo session we’ll schedule a private consultation and if you have more questions after that we can communicate through text, email or phone calls to ensure your questions are answered when you have them. So if you have questions about what to wear for your session, and what types of lingerie would flatter your body type or how to prepare for the shoot – be rest assured you have all the answers.

You will enjoy our friendly consultations, chats or texts and empowered with knowledge you will be excited to go shopping for your lingerie pieces, hosiery, garter belts and shoes, etc. You don’t have to worry about being stuck if you have any questions and you will feel supported, cared for, ready for the shoot.


3. CUSTOM IDEA BOARD – $50 value

I’ll create a custom Pinterest idea board for you to ensure I deliver the photographs that you’ll love. Together we will collaborate and pin ideas about hair and makeup style, outfits, poses, etc. So you could pick the photos that you like and style you are going for and you feel excited about the upcoming photo shoot.



You don’t have to worry about putting your own makeup or styling your own hair or hustle to find a stylist prior to the session. To ensure you enjoy a great quality professional experience and have a soothing hour of relaxation and pampering accompanied by a friendly chat and a very delicate touch. From the moment you jump in a stylist’s chair, you will enjoy being pampered by her delicate hands and you will love the incredible transformation. You will be able to relax and let go of all your worries. You will feel beautiful, and more confident before the pictures even taken.



I will guide you and pose you to your fingertips, so you don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do. I will be with you every step of the way to guide you and gently pose you to ensure you look amazing for the camera in the most flattering way. I am gonna use the best and most flattering light to accentuate your body lines. So you can feel like a supermodel and enjoy my full undivided attention to you. You will feel very good about yourself, you will feel sexy and empowered during the shoot.



A 60 minute one on one viewing/ordering session with me, no salesy people present, so you can choose only the images you LOVE. You will enjoy our personalized viewing session where we’ll go over the best images from your session. There is no rush, you will be able to look at them as many times as you want. So you could enjoy your images for years to come and admire and appreciate your own beauty endlessly. You will be blown away by the images that I created for you and you will feel excited to share them with family and friends. You will feel very proud of how beautiful you are, and would want to show them off to the whole world. 



5x5 Custom Designed Album with up to 10 images

So you could preserve the memory of how beautiful you are. Enjoy the pleasant feeling of holding this gorgeous custom designed book in your hands and enjoy the craftsmanship for years to come.

Imagine knocking his socks off when you give your significant other this gorgeous album with beautiful sexy photos of you. Or imagine 30 years from now you will be sitting with your husband next to the fireplace holding this beautiful book and flipping through the pages with gorgeous sexy photographs of you. 

You will be able not only embrace and celebrate your body but also preserve the beautiful memory of it. So that when you are 80 or 90 you can look back at your beautiful images to be reminded of that beauty.


8. NEXT DAY PRIVATE VIEWING session of your photos ($50 value), so you don’t have to wait for weeks and could satisfy your curiosity as quick as the next day


9. MOBILE ALBUM APP – $100 value

With 10 images from the book  so you have the proof of how beautiful you are with you every single day and may admire your beauty and feel proud of who you are, and easily share with your significant other or your girlfriends



So you have something unique to hang on a Christmas tree this year and feel proud of yourself



A gorgeous and unique masterpiece, because you want to decorate and beautify your home with a meaningful personal and beautiful work of art, that will not only serve as a beautiful centerpiece and conversation starter, but it also will complement the decor of your house. Imagine owning a beautiful work of art that at the same time is a portrait of you that can hang in an art gallery.

You will be proud to display this work of art in your house to show off your beauty and class and you will be reminded every day that you are beautiful.



So you feel even more confident knowing that I will take care of that bruise or a pimple that you don’t want to see on your pictures





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Boudoir Special San Diego





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Last year Mandie booked her shoot with me, and here is what she has to say:


“The Confidence It Instilled In Me Was Phenomenal…”

“Basically all my life I avoided cameras and I hated to have my picture taken because I just hated my appearance in general. And I thought this is a really great way to challenge that and finally break out of that mold. And I looked at your website and your gallery and I thought that’s really pretty, it’s really different from everything I ever done. Darn I am gonna be brave and I am gonna try it. So I did!

I think it really made me see myself in a new way. Looking at the pictures or hair and makeup before the pictures were even taken, i never thought I could look like that. And I love that I have these pictures now, because whenever I start to feel bad about myself or that I could never look pretty, or doubt myself, I can look at the pictures and say, no look there is proof. Look how great I look there. AND THE CONFIDENCE IT INSTILLED IN ME WAS PHENOMENAL, I am still feeling it today! That was cool!!!”




Still Nervous? On the fence?


 Check out what my other clients are saying about their experience.



Boudoir Photography“I had no significant other, I did it totally 4 ME ! That was soooo empowering…..with the added plus of confidence on steroids!  And I am 62 yrs young….wanted this for my bucket list now I am addicted and can’t wait to do my next session…getting my “looks” together now…the most FUN I have had in a long time! DO IT…don’t wait till ur 62″!!

When I met you everything around me was a piece of sh*t and the whole world was crashing around me. But the minute we had an interview I decided you would be the right photographer for me. And it is then when I found my joy. I went shopping for lingerie, found my shoes  and stockings and it was the momentum when I was able to dig myself out of the sh*t hole I was in. In my situation mani and pedi were not going to do sh*t for me. This Boudoir experience was like therapy on steroids. Women, don’t miss your pleasure train! The next time you blink you will be 50, 60, 70″. 


DSC_5363“I worked with Anastasia for a pregnancy/boudoir shoot. It exceeded my expectations. I am not a photogenic person, but she somehow captured the natural beauty in me and it wasn’t contrived. We had a video created (another non-comfort zone for me) and everyone that I show it to winds up in tears! Anastasia puts her heart and sole into every moment during her work! Thanks again!” Jill M., Pregnancy Boudoir Session, San Diego


DSC_1798“I did a photo session with Anastasia Mac Boudoir Photography after giving birth, and Anastasia was great at making me feel comfortable not only in front of the camera, but comfortable in my own post-baby skin! She has a real eye for capturing gorgeous images, and she helped coach me in how to move and showed me what poses and angles were the most flattering for me. In the end, I loved the original images, and then the final retouched images were of the same quality that you would see in a high-end glossy magazine. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Anastasia a couple more times after that, and she was consistently wonderful, professional, and just plain fun to be around.” Nicole M., Boudoir Session, San Diego


DSC_2553“I was absolutely THRILLED with the pictures. I felt nervous at the start but soon warmed up and started to feel sexy even. I still cannot believe that they are of me. I look sexy and CONFIDENT and I loved it all. Keep up the great work as you gave me confidence to feel sexy“. D.M. Frankfurt


Boudoir Photographer Frankfurt“My experience with Anastasia was AMAZING!  I put it off for so long as I wasn’t proud of my body. When I finally decided to do the shoot I was still nervous. From the beginning Anastasia helped me see the things I liked about myself again and help BOOST MY CONFIDENCE. During the shoot I felt relaxed and comfortable. She took the time to take BEAUTIFUL pictures and never made me feel uncomfortable because I’m a plus size figure. I had my doubts but I loved it and would do it again! Thank you so much!!!!” Vikky


Start Your Risk FREE Journey To Self-Confidence!

 You are either thrilled with your experience or your money back!



 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


 You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You are either thrilled with your experience and blown away with your images or money back. No questions asked.


The first lucky customer will receive this gorgeous Estee Lauder Makeup set as a THANK YOU for being so audacious!

Gift with purchase

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“No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself.” Friedrich Nietzche

Below Are Excuses That Can Hold You Back From

 The Confidence You’ve Always Wanted.


Don’t Fall For The Trap And Have These Keep You From The Successful Life You Deserve!


  1. I need to lose weight first
  2. I can’t afford this
  3. I don’t have a significant other to give these photos to
  4. I don’t know how to look sexy
  5. I’ll never look as good as the girls on her website
  6. I am too old for that
  8. I am too shy
  9. I feel bad to do something for myself




Just reading the above thoughts is some tiring stuff. We rush to fix the leak in the house because we are afraid the mold will grow if we don’t eliminate the problem. But we think it is ok that our confidence and self-esteem is broken, and our personal mold is growing deeper and deeper and so we stop respecting ourselves and we find every excuse possible to limit ourselves, to diminish ourselves, to shrink ourselves – just not to take care of that problem. I am too old, I am too shy, I am too fat, I don’t have the perfect body, I feel guilty spending on myself, I can’t afford this, simply not the right time, etc. etc.


I want you to repeat after me, “I’m perfectly imperfect.”

Take a look at these BEFORE and AFTER pictures. These goddesses had the same thoughts as you do, but after they saw their pictures they were shocked to see that they could look so gorgeous, THEY WERE BLOWN AWAY AND THEIR LIVES WERE TRANSFORMED INSTANTLY!




















I just want to address some of excuses and objections that are holding women back from the life they deserve.






I am here to tell you that I completely get it. I myself feel like I need to lose 5-20 lbs. From a health perspective it’s never a bad thing, go for it. But if you think that you will look better on your photographs without those extra pounds  – This Is Not True.


You really don’t need to wait any weight before our photo shoot. You can leave it all to me. It’s all about the posing, lighting, and the outfits. I take care of everything. I had clients telling me that they thought they need to lose the weight, but after they had their pictures taken, they stopped worrying about those extra pounds they thought they had.


They loved their pictures, they loved how they looked. I promise you I have been doing portrait photography for more than a decade. My job is to capture these great angles and great poses. You are gonna look a lot more slimmer and you are gonna feel a lot more confident after you see your pictures as well.


You know that saying “camera adds 10 pounds” – this is simply not true with a good professional boudoir photographer, my job is to remove those 10 pounds.




Well, I want you to think that photos is not like a piece of a cake that you see one time, eat it and never see it again. It’s really a timeless art that you get to see and appreciate it for a really really long time, every single day. And in addition I actually offer convenient payment plans.


Imagine thirty years from now you will be sitting with your husband next to the fireplace flipping through the pages of the beautiful album that would be a great reminder of how beautiful you really were.  You will be so proud that you stepped out of your comfort zone and did it for yourself.


Could you imagine how precious this little investment would be for you, your children and grand children, for them to see what a vixen their grandma was. There is a reason why photo gifts always thrill. This precious gift serves you as as a proof of how beautiful you are, and it stays with you forever.




Professional HeadshotsI am too old for that – is my favorite. I say “That’s exactly why you should do it”. I recently photographed a woman of 62 years young as she likes to say it, and she was the real goddess. She has been desiring the shoot for 12 years, but life got in the way and she never had time for herself, I can’t express how grateful and appreciative she was when she saw her beautiful pictures, she cried happy tears and couldn’t believe it was her. This is what she said: “The experience and the final photos took my breath away and everybody’s who I showed them to!!! At 62 I am happy that I now have this on film to demark this period of my life”.




 Another concern I get a lot – I don’t know how to look sexy in photos. Ok, I totally get that. Guess what – this is exactly why I am here. I have been a portrait photographer for more than 10 years now and I know exactly how to coach you through different poses, how to look and feel sexy in your photographs and it’s nothing weird at all it’s really all about just following my simple instructions – I will say “part your lips, take a deep breath to relax, lay here, move your arm here”, etc. It’s all really really easy. And when you see the photos you’ll say “Oh my god, I couldn’t even realize it’s gonna turn out that way”.



I really hope that you will find time for yourself to do the shoot now, because every day you procrastinate you are not getting any younger, and I hope will see you in my studio soon, because I just know that you are gonna LOVE your pictures.  


I have countless testimonials, even video testimonials that are up on my website, so go check them out HERE, and also I want to point out that I’ve never had a dissatisfied customer.


Hurry the deal will be over soon








“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain

Boudoir Photography San Diego

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