Remember this Boudoir Photography image causing so much controversy? Today we won’t talk about pros and contras of nudity in photo art, we said much on it already. But one comment on that post made me to look at my photo art in a new perspective.

San Diego Fine Art Nude

“Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and reminding of tolerance,” Dan wrote. “I appreciate the comment: ‘Your boudoir photography is beautiful and shows a person in her most natural state.’ If a goal is ‘natural state’ why use makeup? Just a thought.”

I think Dan asked an interesting and important question. I’ve always been telling my clients that I use make up in my boudoir photography shoots not to make them LOOK more beautiful. I use make up to make them FEEL more beautiful and more self-confident as a result. I’ve always been saying that all my clients are naturally beautiful, and my goal as a boudoir photographer is to make them believe in it.

Actually, I do not have a detailed make up guide for a photo shoot. Much depends on the preferences and the moods of the client. Some like bright, others prefer pastel colors… Nevertheless, Dan’s comment made me thinking about make up patterns for this or that session, and out of sudden a much broader picture has opened to me.

Fine Art San DiegoWhy to make a face up if we can use a whole body as a base for the painting, a body painting? And I’ve started some photographic experiments…

People often ask me how I find inspiration. Frankly, I could be inspired with anything around: from blooming flowers to mysterious shadows… Yes, shadows like this – from the hammock that I see every day in my backyard. I was nursing this idea for a while, and finally have projected this shadow on a beautiful women’s body. And we both loved the result: me and my model.

Fine Art San DiegoFlowers are another great object for my inspiration. Yep, I took many pictures of women carrying flowers in their hands, wearing them on their heads, sitting in the midst of the blooming field of flowers, or covered with petals of red roses or while tulips. Flowers have always made me feel sexy, especially when all woman’s body is covered with them. This is how these two works, Give Me Flowers and Flower Dream, were created. By the way, this particular image was taken in camera with double exposure technique without any photoshop processing.

Sure enough, all these things surrounding us are adorable and could be very inspiring, but you may make a lot of efforts to find the right ones that work perfect for a single photo shot. Meanwhile, your imagination gives you a much brighter and a more exotic picture… Sometimes – but not always – the most beautiful things are coming from your dreams. And then you need to find a person who visualize your dreams in colors and images.

You need an artist. What is more important: not any artist, but the one who treats human bodies as canvases, the one who enables women to celebrate their bodies by having them painted in a very special and unique way. And I found the one.

body art san diegoMy dear ladies, let’s make a journey deep into your dreams by means of the fine art nude body painting and boudoir photography. It will be a joint project between a model, a photographer, and an artist. Body painting will be performed by my friend and business partner Lana Chromium. She calls herself an Artist, a Body Painter, and a Dreamer. We invite you to share your dream with us and enjoy the result!

We believe in natural beauty of every woman’s body and the power of the art. We invite our clients to an exciting journey into dreams, fine art, body paint, and boudoir photography. And we hope that you will enjoy every moment of this unique experience as we do!

Photographically yours,


P.S. If you hear a nagging little voice that you are not good enough… If you can’t stop counting your flaws… If you want to feel beautiful, empowered and sexy, even if you have thick thighs, a bit of a belly, surgery scars, or a big nose like me  If you feel depleted, used up, and tired of putting yourself on the back burner. Then come hang with me and other audacious dames in a FREE, nurturing, drama-free FB group of like minded women Boudoir Audacious Dames. I will be very happy if you join here!

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