Decisions, decisions, decisions. Life is full of them. And we get tested over and over again with our ability to make good ones.

Should I go to the gym or press snooze? Should I quit the job that’s draining me, or tough it out? Should I wear sweats, or get dressed up today? Should I have that piece of chocolate cake, or resist it? Do I take time for a shower or be on time for work?
We all have so much pressure to get it right and make the right choice. I feel you, girl. And I thought I would take one decision off your plate and go ahead and make it for you.
Right now I am running a special Holiday opportunity for women, the experience that I am so passionate about, the experience that I created for women like you and me, the work of my life time.
The purpose of this experience is to re-center a woman in her deepest feelings to herself, her deepest understanding of her worthiness, her strong belief in her beauty – so that all of the decisions in her life line up to serve her – first, foremost, and always. I admit, this experience is fun. A blast, really. But it is certainly not for everyone.
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So, how do you know if it’s definitely not for you? Please stay far, far away from The Boudacious Experience if:
You’re already full of:
respect for yourself, love for yourself, flow, freedom, spaciousness, connection, fulfilling relationships, sensuality, love for your body, success, abundance, radiance, energy, life force
Your body totally feels:
loved, confident, connected, radiant, fully alive, beautiful, sensuous, proud, lit up
Your love relationship is:
satisfying, fulfilling, extraordinary, juicy, incredible, hot, a source of pride
Your work life is:
on fire, in flow, inspiring, dream come true, satisfying, successful, just like you want it
Your feminine energy is:
strong, in flow, consistent, well-balanced, inspiring, deep, in surplus
Your inner state is:
abundant, excited, thrilled to be alive, available to connect, skilled, appreciative, loving, nourished
Now, if you’ve totally got all these down, then I truly DO NOT want you to join me for this Boudacious Experience. Who likes a show off anyway?! That said, I do want you to tell us all your secrets. 🙂
For the rest of us, I invite you to experience this powerful, moving, transformational taste of this amazing experience.
Heads up: If you feel the pull, but are flooded with a host of really good excuses not to sign up, I want to remind you that there is no woman alive who does not resist to feel beautiful and do something just for herself.
Haven’t you noticed just how creative the mind can be in coming up with excuses to do anything and everything else besides invest in ourselves, like clean the house, tidy up my desk, do some work, read an email, check social media…. The list it instantly generates is quite incredible.
And if that doesn’t do it, have you ever noticed that good times are way scarier and more unpredictable than good old reliable Hard Work and her best friend, Complaining About Stuff?
I invite you to surprise yourself and just say yes. Yes to yourself. Yes to your womanhood. Yes to being shamelessly feminine. Yes to all that is possible if you stop hating yourself and fall in love with yourself unconditionally.
Photographically yours,
Boudoir Photography San Diego

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