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Boudoir Photography

My name is Anastasia, welcome to my Boutique Boudoir Photography studio based in the city of Fallbrook, just North of San Diego and servicing San Diego county, Orange county, Riverside county. I help women of any age and body type feel confidently beautiful. I hold my client’s hand through the entire process and work hard to make our time together an unforgettable experience.

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Boudoir Photography

Browse through my beautiful Boudoir & Lifestyle Photography portfolio and see the style of photos you’ll LOVE. I can take as many stunning photos as you want during our photo session.

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Being one of the most sought after Boudoir photographer in San Diego North County we have created several special boudoir photography packages to help you. Click the button below to receive our price list.

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Boudoir Photography

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  • Established in 2005 we specialize in Boudoir Photography and Lifestyle Photography exclusively for women.
  • I am different from other photographers in the area because my luxurious sessions include professional hair and makeup styling right before the shoot to help you feel confident.
  • Then I gently pose you to your fingertips to make sure the photos would look amazing.
  • You’ll have fun and I will capture your essence in breathtaking images for you to treasure for ever.
  • I have helped thousands of women to get their sexy back and empowered them with CONFIDENCE, and I have never had a dissatisfied customer.


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Let one of San Diego’s top boudoir photographers boost your confidence. Your CONFIDENTIALITY is very important to me – I will never share your images without your permission.

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Boudoir Photography
Boudoir Photography
Boudoir San Diego
Boudoir San Diego
Boudoir San Diego
Boudoir San Diego

Because I provide each client with the perfect boudoir experience and outstanding customer service I am picky about my clients and only work with a small number of women each month. If you just want sexy pictures of yourself, then this experience is not for you. But if you have a low self-esteem, if you are tired of feeling not good enough about yourself, if you are fed up with your own insecurities that are holding you back and stopping you living your life you deserve, and if you are ready to change how you feel about yourself in just a few hours – Then You Are My Girl, and I would love working with you! Call 781-626-0697 and let’s get this party started. Girl, you got this!!!

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Privately Located In The Heart of Fallbrook And Servicing

North County San Diego And Surrounding Areas

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What Our Clients Are Saying

So, yesterday I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and did something I never thought I would do; a Boudoir Shoot with Anastasia Mac Photography. February is our 16th wedding anniversary and I thought it would be a fun gift for my husband.

Honestly I was nervous all week thinking about the shoot. Once I arrived Anastasia and Liz (Liz does your makeup and hair exactly how you like it) both made me feel comfortable and beautiful. Anastasia is amazing. She walks you through the entire process and thinks of every detail right down to your favorite music. All you have to do is look beautiful and feel like a Queen.

It was an empowering experience. I left her studio feeling completely different about myself. I felt Sassy!

If your have been thinking about Boudoir Photos you should do it and I highly recommend Anastasia Mac Photography.


Boudoir Client, At Social Media

“The experience and the final photos took my breath away and everybody’s who I showed them to!!! At 62 I am happy that I now have this on film to demark this period of my life”

Joan Tryba

Boudoir Client

“I worked with Anastasia for a pregnancy/boudoir shoot. It exceeded my expectations. I am not a photogenic person, but she somehow captured the natural beauty in me and it wasn’t contrived. We had a video created (another non-comfort zone for me) and everyone that I show it to winds up in tears! Anastasia puts her heart and sole into every moment during her work! Thanks again!”


Boudoir Client

“My experience with Anastasia was AMAZING!  I put it off for so long as I wasn’t proud of my body. When I finally decided to do the shoot I was still nervous. From the beginning Anastasia helped me see the things I liked about myself again and help BOOST MY CONFIDENCE. During the shoot I felt relaxed and comfortable. She took the time to take BEAUTIFUL pictures and never made me feel uncomfortable because I’m a plus size figure. I had my doubts but I loved it and would do it again! Thank you so much!!!!”


Boudoir Client

“I had a FANTASTIC experience with Anastasia. It was so fun to be GLAMOROUS and have a day about just me. I felt PAMPERED the whole time and left the photo shoot walking on air. When it was time to review the photos I wanted them all! The end result is completely wonderful and great quality. I take a look whenever I am having a low confidence day to help BOOST me back up. I highly recommend”.


Boudoir Client

“Had the time of my life letting Anastasia MacGillivray make magic with my photoshoot! Thank you so much for pampering me and making this process so much fun!! You are amazing, Anastasia MacGillivray!! I cant believe that I had the problem of TOO MANY great photos to choose from! a true master of your craft. Anastasia MacGillivray was the magician behind the camera who captured how I feel inside. What a talent she is!! XOXO”


Lifestyle Photography client

“I did a photo session with Anastasia Mac Boudoir Photography after giving birth, and Anastasia was great at making me feel comfortable not only in front of the camera, but comfortable in my own pre-baby skin! She has a real eye for capturing gorgeous images, and she helped coach me in how to move and showed me what poses and angles were the most flattering for me. In the end, I loved the original images, and then the final retouched images were of the same quality that you would see in a high-end glossy magazine. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Anastasia a couple more times after that, and she was consistently wonderful, professional, and just plain fun to be around.”


Boudoir Client

“It helped me to both restore and maintain a positive self image and see myself as still being sexy even after child birth. Anastasia was great to work with and instilled tremendous CONFIDENCE in me & was a GREAT COACH, but I was blown away by just how BEAUTIFUL the images were! They looked like images you would see in a glossy, high-end magazine”


Boudoir Client

“My session with you was one of the BEST things I have ever done for myself”.


Boudoir Client

“What an AMAZING experience I had. This is nothing like getting your pictures done at the mall. I was honored to work with Anastasia, a one of a kind photographer”.


Glamour Client

“I was absolutely THRILLED with the pictures. I felt nervous at the start but soon warmed up and started to feel sexy even. I still cannot believe that they are of me. I look sexy and CONFIDENT and I loved it all. Keep up the great work as you gave me confidence to feel sexy”


Boudoir Client

“I enjoyed everything. The photos blew me away. It was such a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. I would do it again in the heartbeat!”


Boudoir Client

“Being photographed by Anastasia was an experience I will never forget. She made it SPECIAL from start to finish. She created a Pinterest board just for me, so I could experiment with outfits and hairstyles prior to the session. And her hairstylist/makeup artist worked with me to produce just the right “look.” No detail was left to chance. She took the time to capture the TRUE ESSENCE OF MY BEAUTY. Of course the photographs are FANTASTIC but more important are the intangibles. I left Anastasia FEELING BEAUTIFUL, and with a RENEWED sense of SELF-CONFIDENCE and APPRECIATION OF MY WOMANHOOD. I recommend the Anastasia experience to any woman who wants to recapture her inner and outer beauty, BOOST her SELF-CONFIDENCE, or create a truly UNIQUE GIFT for her significant other”.


Boudoir Client

“QUALITY!!! The shoot was comfortable and fun, and the resulting images, and album are of the highest quality. This has been one of the most REWARDING things I have done for myself and my husband in years. Thank you for a WONDERFUL experience”.


Boudoir Client

“I had a great time during the shoot. I definitely felt COMFORTABLE and LOVED the final pictures. I have recommended you to several friends”.


Boudoir Client

Finaly I did glamour photo session with Anastasia which I was planning for couple years to do, but always was delaying in hope to loose weight or look younger or get better clothes for that. I asked Anastasia if we can additionally make pictures with my youngest daughter in the same photo session and Anastasia was so kind to agree. I wanted to bring my daughter to photo session for few reasons: I don’t have pictures with her together, it was appealing to me to have more childhood professional pictures of my daughter but the most hidden reason was next – my fear to look fat or ugly on pictures and for this case my plan would be still to have wonderful pictures of my daughter and refuse from pictures with me. But results were so astonishing that often I take these photos in my hands and looking and looking on them. But lets to start from beginning. Anastasia started to work with me few days before photo session, she came to my house and helped to choose dresses, shoes, accessories, hair color and so on. After she sent me few variations of my look and photo poses for me to choose and she found the place to run photo session taking in consideration all these things as my personality, make up, time of year, dresses and other professional things like light, time of day and so on.
After followed “make up” session which made me so relaxed that I stopped to worry at all about how I look in spite of even my 8 old daughter said me that I look very weird and strange with make up, because she didn’t use to see me in such way (I had actually the same opinion) but I just decided completely rely on professionalism of make up specialist and she did such wonderful job for me. I am suggesting there a big difference to have make up to look nice alive or on photo. But I already was starting enjoying with whole process and stopped to worry about results. It was very pleasant to work with Anastasia during photo session, I just followed her commands, which were easy to follow. Next day she already invited us to see pictures!!! I couldn’t believe to my eyes. Anastasia captured with her camera such strong bond, so much love between me and my daughter, which is a true. It weren’t just photos, you can see behind story, life, relationship, love, trustfulness, sincerity. And of course we are both me and my daughter were so beautiful on these pictures. It was really amazing. Of course I posted few pictures on facebook and all who were professional photographers from other countries gave very high estimate to these pictures (I have many friends who are professionals in photography). Other friends were also astonished with how Anastasia could capture and show in pictures mother&daughter love. So I got so many facebook “likes” as never before, almost woke up famous next morning after posting pictures. Also I became “expert” in photo viewing. Now when people show me their professionally made photos I see how often they have poor quality. Like family there but no bonds shown or family there and beautiful scenes of San Diego behind and looks like photoshop or just tourist photos from series ” we were there”. other pictures with ugly make up which makes beautiful girl look much older, or young woman in thirties look like forties or older. Now I want very much to make a nice collage to put on the wall and I just mentioned it to Anastasia how she in a minutes sent me example of our photos for collage. I warmly recommend Anastasia for having photo session with her, because it is such great experience which boost your self confidence and will teach you love and respect yourself and actually will change you how you look and feel yourself. And of course you will have photos which you will be proud to put on walls and show your husband, friends and relatives.


Glamour client

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